Mophie Universal Wireless Snap + Charging Stand

  • Accurate Placement- The magnetic array ensures you hit the charging sweet spot, so you get the perfect charge every time.

    Universal Compatibility- The magnetic array on the snap+ wireless stand is compatible with virtually all Qi-enabled smartphones, including Apple, Samsung, and Google phones, as well as any iPhone 12 series phone.

    Snap Adapter Included- The included snap adapter adds magnetic compatibility to phones that don’t have a magnetic feature like MagSafe. Just attach the adapter to the back of your phone or, if you are using a case, to the back of your case for instant compatibility.

    Fast Charge- 15W Engineered to safely deliver up to 15W of wireless power so you can get to a full battery quicker.*

    Portrait or Landscape Mode- Conveniently switch between charging in portrait mode or in landscape mode.

    Charges Through Low-Profile Cases- The snap+ wireless stand can charge through cases up to 3mm thick so you don't have to take off your case to charge your phone. *Up to 15W wireless charging for Android devices. Up to 7.5W wireless charging for iOS devices.